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Supercharge your mobile app’s revenue with rewarded surveys powered by inBrain’s proprietary AI.

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First-Party Survey Experience With Direct Brand Access

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With unfettered access to the world’s largest brands, inBrain gives your users the best survey experience in the industry.

We build our integrations with your users in mind, and by being a direct link between your users and major brands, inBrain provides the cleanest user experience possible.

Simple and Clean
Lightspeed Integration

Designed and developed with an intense focus on experience. inBrain’s mobile SDK is ready to go right when you are.

inBrain Survey Wall

App monetization doesn't have to be hard. The inBrain Survey Wall gives publishers options for optimizing monetization mix while providing the best UX in the space.

Native Surveys™

Create unique experiences for your app's use case. With Native Surveys™ you take full control over how surveys display in your app - in any native format. Integration built to be seamless with an SDK - not an API.

Monetization API

Returning the most valuable and relevant surveys for your user, sourced by inBrain's powerful AI. With a simple integration, tap into advanced machine learning and unleashed control.

Survey Wall Link

Integration as simple as using a URL - that lets your users tap into a powerful earning opportunity with access to a wall of surveys - all managed by inBrain’s A.I.

iFrame by inBrain

Integrate surveys into your web monetization strategy with iFrame. Built as a simple integration, iFrame gives inBrain partners access to survey inventory via single snippet of iFrame code.

Control The Experience For Your Users

Track Your Revenues In Real Time

Track revenues in real-time within the proprietary inBrain publisher dashboard.

Gamify and Engage

Keep your users engaged and coming back. See regularly increasing in-app engagement, conversions and revenue.

Set and Test User Parameters

Keep all of your apps and projects in one place, test users and set survey parameters based on your preferences.