All the World’s Surveys. One Simple API.

With a simple integration, tap your web app into the world's best survey environment.

Dynamic Profiling for a Better Experience

Tap into inBrain’s advanced algorithmic matching to get the best surveys for each specific user of your app.

Quick Setup for Concrete Monetization

The Monetization API gives publishers easy access to inBrain’s survey inventory. Publishers simply create a unique user ID (via the Publisher Dashboard) and inBrain’s AI will return a list of the top survey opportunities for that specific user.

Earn Revenue for Every Survey Attempt

Once a survey is completed, publishers control the user journey through the use of redirects and dictate what the user experience will be. In addition to redirects, the Monetization API uses server-to-server (S2S) callbacks to deliver survey completion data to publishers so they have full control over verifying and rewarding users.