Monetization made easy with inBrain integrations

Drive revenue and monetize your app while keeping users engaged and your dev team free to do what they do best

Rewarded Surveys

App monetization doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ve already done the hard part in creating an app with loyal users. Why not engage them with rewarded surveys that also make you money? Sounds like a win-win. inBrain’s full suite of SDK and API integrations make this reality quite simple.

Market Research Revenue

With industry leading eCPM’s and consistently growing ARPDAU measurements, monetization strategy can scoot into hyper drive. Simply plug in our SDK with a few lines of code and you’re off to the races.

App monetization on your terms with inBrain’s proprietary Native Surveys™

Take control of your app monetization with inBrain’s Native Surveys™. You decide when and where surveys display in any native format with full customization via the inBrain Publisher Dashboard.

We like our Native Surveys™ integration so much that we trademarked it. That said, inBrain Native Surveys™ provide the cleanest and most frictionless environment within the rewarded surveys space.

Choose how and when surveys display to your users in any native format for your app. You can quickly and easily show surveys that match your criteria and display surveys based on rank, currency value and time to complete. Only want 5 minute surveys? Great! Only those worth more than $1? The world’s your oyster.

Easily monetize your app with the inBrain Survey Wall

With industry leading eCPMs and a clean UX, the inBrain Survey Wall provides value both to publishers and to mobile and web app’s users.

Choose to display certain surveys to specific users and provide a guaranteed reward on EVERY survey attempt - even partially completed surveys.

With vetted surveys directly from the world’s largest brands, the inBrain Survey Wall is designed and proven to provide additional value to your app on every attempt.

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