May 5, 2023
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Market Research

The Costs and Benefits of A.I. in Market Research

As a marketer interested in the field of research, adding AI-facilitated online surveys to your arsenal of research tools can significantly enhance the quality of your data. These questionnaires use machine learning technology to interact with participants. Moreover, they manage and analyze most data processing in implementing and reporting survey results from effective market research.

Market Research AI

More digitization and A.I. integration will likely occur as business owners widely accept it. It's a relief that conversations about AI-powered online surveys are happening in the business sector. To ensure you don't invest too much into false claims, it's essential to differentiate between inflated promises and authentic potential. Using A.I. in business and surveys can generate value at scale. What are the costs and benefits for companies to employ and rely on A.I. as they continue their digitization journey?

Primary Market Research

Doing your own market research involves a custom study and in-depth analysis of data collected from the source (customers in the target market) to address a specific problem through interviews, surveys, questionnaires, or focus groups. Primary research doesn't rely on previously collected data samples and often involves exploratory and specific research protocols. Exploratory research like this is often costly and time-consuming; however, it's valuable and delivers conclusive results.

A combination of both Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Combining both market techniques is hybrid research; its approach is to deliver optimal outcomes. For example, qualitative research is to observe participants' mindset for collecting descriptive data through face-to-face interviews or a focus group. In contrast, Quantitative research gathers more statistical data through rewarded surveys, as it provides reliable feedback.

Secondary Market Research

Secondary research or desk research isn't collected by yourself. Instead, it uses pre-existing data to create market, product & service facts. Secondary sources include market studies, analyst reports, and previous in-house studies by government departments, trade agencies, or businesses. Small businesses typically rely on secondary research since it's cost-effective and time-efficient.

How to Conduct Market Research AI

Conducting market research monetization with AI is relatively easy. A marketing strategy involving AI can be broken down into specific steps.

  • Make a data-driven decision strategy framework
  • Map all the data to your business goal
  • Collect market data related to your business perspective
  • Determine the value of A.I. and data-driven decision-making strategy framework
  • Value human intuition
  • Automate the business process

What are the Costs and Benefits of Using A.I. in Market Research?

Businesses know how crucial product research is to survive in the competitive market. Traditional market research costs $15,000 to $35,000 but offers less spontaneity and effectiveness. 

However, Market Research AI is far cheaper than other market research techniques, making a big difference in market reports, providing a ResTech data-driven decision strategy, and enabling product innovation. As a result, companies can gain a competitive advantage by getting these valuable insights at a lower cost.

Market Research AI Inbrain Publisher Rewarded Surveys

The benefits of AI in market research

A.I. has endless benefits in market research and the industry. Here're some of the benefits of A.I. in market research. Get ahead to achieve all that you want.

Removing bias from gathering and assessing the data

Human bias risks data quality and integrity for market researchers. It's difficult to base business decisions on biased data. In addition, AI helps businesses improve the quality of surveys.

It can also analyze human errors in questions and provide real-time suggestions. 

Can conduct deeper second research more often

A.I. can conduct deeper research to provide comprehensive and up-to-date insights into the market and target customers. A.I. algorithms can access a wide range of data, helping businesses target the audience.

Consistently improve survey quality

AI-powered tools design surveys through Natural Language Processing (NLP), identifying biases and leading questions to refine online survey quality to ensure respondents understand and provide accurate responses. Moreover, A.I. uncovers data trends, customer buying habits, and insights to improve and boost the response rate.

Improving the customer survey experience

A.I. collects and analyzes customer data to implement a data-driven strategy for understanding consumer attitudes. This information assigns customers to the appropriate market segment and tailors questions related to business interactions, creating a personalized customer experience. As a result, the audience in your specific market is more likely to spend money on your product or service if it's tailored to their needs.

Can create surveys in an instant

Nowadays, it's simple and easy to create surveys instantly with the power of AI Marketers are always out of time, struggling to maintain customer satisfaction. AI is the solution, collecting and analyzing data points, allowing customer segmentation, and tailoring business-related questions in minutes. 

Market Research AI for publishers

It makes the market research process more accessible

A.I. intelligence automates data collection and analysis, collects data faster, and improves accuracy making market research more affordable and efficient overall. With accurate and reliable insights, anyone can improve their company's brand and gain more potential customers. A.I. can also employ its machine learning algorithms to identify patterns in data and provide actionable insights.

The costs of Market Research AI

A.I. has had a revolutionary impact on traditional market research. Companies can get a representative sample of their consumers, regardless of market size, and improve their offerings. In addition, businesses want to collect information affordably and make informed decisions from data analysis.

A.I. can help decipher big data files that would be harder for a small group of analysts. Still, some people believe A.I. can harm data privacy. Although this negative view of the technology may stem from the cost of using A.I.

Some consumers find them unsavory

Some consumers don't rely on A.I.; they believe it collects of data that can harm their privacy, resulting in identity theft and data breaches. However, the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (PDP) protects customers' data used for marketing.

Are there job losses?

The workforce is an essential aspect of marketing, yet they believe A.I. marketing has become a threat to anyone with a marketing job title. McKinsey & Company reports by 2030, A.I. automation will take over 400 to 800 million jobs. This shift of human resources to Artificial Intelligence has become a significant concern and fear to marketers. 

However, A.I. can't replace people's skills; thus, skilled workers and A.I. complement one another to progress in marketing and retaining customers.

No talent to manage A.I. marketing

Marketing encounters challenges due to the need for someone to have a technical understanding of machine learning and computer algorithms of A.I. Therefore, businesses need talented people who can dive deeper, stay ahead of demand, and manage and execute marketing effectively. 

Privacy and ethical concerns

A.I. can be vulnerable to cyberattacks. The vulnerability can lead to the theft of commercial sources of sensitive information or the manipulation of A.I. research technology for malicious purposes. Businesses should provide implementation strategies to prevent privacy or ethical issues.

A.I. in marketing has also led to privacy and ethical concerns as marketers combat ensuring transparency in data collection to benefit customers. 

How Does A.I. in Market Research Improve App Monetization Strategies?

App monetization strategy is a crucial part of generating business revenue. A.I. can help market researchers better understand customers, determine the most effective monetization strategies, and improve the user experience. AI-driven market research techniques include analyzing user interactions, behaviors, and preferences to create personalized experiences. To detect patterns or trends, A.I. can also analyze customer data, such as purchase and engagement history.

With AI-driven market research, businesses can better understand customer motivation and preferences to target marketing campaigns and retain customers. AI-based solutions can also identify potential customers likely to purchase or upgrade their subscriptions. Additionally, A.I. in market research can help businesses analyze customer feedback and uncover insights to inform product development decisions.

AI-driven market research can create more effective ad targeting, identify potential customer segments, and inform product development decisions.

Adopting Will Improve Your App Monetization Efforts

App monetization allows companies to easily convert their app users into profitable revenue or higher conversion rates. Mobile app development is becoming increasingly popular, enabling businesses to harness the potential for lucrative financial returns. Al rapidly analyzes large volumes of market research data, creates original reports in minutes, and makes important consumer insights widely available.

So, why do market research unless you can use A.I. in your surveys to generate higher total revenue? That's where our proprietary AI-powered survey solutions come in. provides a clean, frictionless environment through Native Surveys, which offer value to publishers and users by displaying the best surveys to the right people. Our survey technology offers guaranteed rewards on every survey attempt - even partially completed ones.

AI is one of the most effective ways to improve app monetizations strategies.

Increased rewards can guarantee greater user engagement and higher revenue returns for businesses without burdening or sacrificing their experience. Furthermore, as an app owner, you can customize when and where surveys display in any native format. With such a powerful tool, your app has never been better equipped for success. revolutionizes monetization strategies for mobile apps with our proprietary AI-powered rewarded survey system.

Our system has unfettered access to the world's largest brands, and the SDK and API integrations make it easy to plug in with just a few lines of code. With industry-leading eCPMs and growing ARPDAU measurements, your business can increase revenue from your app in ways that are secure, reliable, transparent, and built for longevity.

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