Associate Product Manager

Full Time
Remote - US
Entry Level

Want to work at inBrain?

We are a team of learners and doers who foster an inclusive and dynamic workplace. We are looking for an Associate Product Manager to join our team. This position will report to the Director of Product.


inBrain develops innovative market research and technologies that deliver instant access to app publishers. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about solving complex problems on a daily basis and is inspired to work alongside our product team to see their solutions come to life. The ideal candidate will be comfortable with independent self-direction, strong technical know-how coupled with an aptitude for team collaboration and open communication.

  • Understand all aspects inBrain integrations and the use cases for potential partners.
  • Assist in the development of the strategic vision for your product, Programmatic API delivery; delivering an engaging customer experience with a feature set that enables the vision.
  • Manage the product roadmap and key performance metrics for product.
  • Manage and track release lists and the timing and product release calendar.
  • Hold regular stakeholder meetings to update for feature releases, align on priority roadmap, and establish feedback loop
  • Be an evangelist for stakeholders’ needs.
  • Document functionality needs for tech use in the form of user stories that describe what the product feature needs to do, why (revenue impact/cost savings), what the acceptance criteria is, what the OKRs are, the KPIs, and any reporting needs.
  • Understand product priorities in context and in concert with competing priorities so that technical development resources are allocated appropriately and every opportunity to leverage synergies is advantaged.
  • Design smart and highly optimized solutions to system problems that take into consideration both, the technical feasibility and general usability; continuously striving to simplify product design.
  • Creatively troubleshoot issues to find solutions for non-technical departments.
  • Actively monitor core metrics to proactively identify issues and ensure that products are working correctly.
  • Analyze user behavior to identify trends; translating those trends to proposed product features.
  • Develop and maintain documentation of product functionality.
  • Assist in defining and developing strategies and tactics to support product adoption.
  • Keep current with the latest innovations in the field of integrated commerce.


  • Strong data analytic skills. Experience in SQL, and Python is a plus.
  • A background in data driven decision making and working with data to solve problems.
  • Experience working with API integrations.
  • Knowledge of the Market Research industry is a plus, but not required.
  • Ability to perform qualitative research with users and other stakeholders.
  • Be able to reach out to anyone inside or outside the company in pursuit of answers to questions.
  • Great curiosity and an exciting drive to satisfy that curiosity.
  • Good understanding of how technology teams work in a SCRUM or Agile SDLC environment. Basic knowledge of programming languages such as JS, HTML, CSS etc. a plus.
  • Comprehensive experience building and launching online products.
  • Excellent communication skills. A great ability to articulate complex ideas and to translate technical documentation/language for business professional colleagues and customers.


  • Bachelor's degree in preferred disciplines of business, communications, marketing, economics, public relations, statistics, computer sciences
  • At least 2 years’ experience working in the full capacity as a product manager or product owner while working with tools such as specification documents, wireframes, user stories, personas
  • Product management or product owner experience for SaaS products that allow customers to buy online. Enterprise solutions strongly preferred


  • Remote - US


  • Flexible work environment - hybrid (if near an office) or 100% remote.
  • Medical benefits, 401K matching.
  • Generous paid time off.
  • Learning Management System available through the Intranet providing free access to nearly 500 online training modules and personal development programs.
  • We offer new colleagues the opportunity to work in an open and global culture, where they welcome feedback and ideas from their colleagues. You will be working in a challenging and inspiring environment with talented colleagues from all over the world. 
  • We have great development & growth opportunities for our employees. 
  • And much more!